Consulting area “Creation of the foreign branch”

Farnetani Estero Consulting supports the company in the initial phase of its presence abroad.
Together with the client, it evaluates whether or not it is possible to set up a branch abroad, as an alternative to other forms of internationalization.
Once the creation of a company abroad has been decided, its location is assessed and the project is defined.
During implementation Farnetani Estero Consulting assists the company, also on site, in the forms deemed necessary by the client and monitors the entire start-up phase.

– Development of the project of the new foreign branch
Definition of the idea, vision, mission, organization and operation
On-site verification of its feasibility and operating methods

– Development of industrial plans related to the foreign company
Development of industrial plans related to the foreign branch
Processing and presentation for access to financing and presentation at the shareholders’meeting or board of directors

– Project support in its realization
Support also on site in the construction of the headquarters
Follow the growth and consolidation

– Operational assistance in its implementation
Starting operating setting
Staff selection and initial organization

– Support in relocation projects
Directional assistance in relocation projects to foreign countries
Directional assistance in relocation projects from foreign countries to the national territory