Consulting area “Organization and processes of the foreign branch”

Organizing means directing each activity towards the creation of business value (effectiveness) and doing so in order to create profits (efficiency). The result is the success or failure of the company and for this reason the foreign branch, sometimes distant, geographically or culturally, are delicate to manage and make efficient. Farnetani Estero Consulting assures, in this context, a support of experience, physical presence and technical skills able to make the foreign branch effective and efficient at the levels of the Italian parent company and beyond.

– Setting up organization charts and organizational structures
Check of the functionality of the current structure and its optimization
Focus of the whole organization on the pursuit of the company strategy

– Optimization of non-production business processes
Study and re-engineering of organizational processes and individual activities
Transfer to people mentally aimed at optimizing activities and processes

– Increase of the efficiency of the company divisions
Analysis and increase of the operational efficiency of the single business functions
Creation of control tools aimed at continuous monitoring of efficiency

– Management of the flow of internal information
Analysis and improvement of the flow of information between the various operators and offices
Creation of structures, systems, processes, aimed at increasing internal collaboration

– Improvement of management structures
Analysis of directional methods and vertical flow of information
Development of methods aimed at improving leadership and the chain of command

– Computerization of the company
Organizational analysis aimed at verifying the level of computerization
Actions, training, change of culture aimed at increasing the level of computerization

– Organization of specific functions of the foreign branch
 Administration, finance, purchases, human resources
Sales, commercial, research and development