Consulting project
“The global executive dashboard of the foreign company”
Easily understand the trend of the entire business sector abroad

The summary of the intervention
The intervention responds to the need of management to have control over the entire business segment of the foreign site. Therefore, the concept of synthesis is fundamental for answering the classic question “how is it going down there and why?”.
Everything is all about the understanding of the fundamental aspects of the management of the specific company.
These aspects will then be transformed into measurable elements and inserted into an instrument available to the entrepreneur or manager, Italian or local.
The particularity of the intervention lies in these two salient aspects:
– to go from the analysis of the business complexity of the foreign site to the synthesis of a practical and immediate dashboard, to understand immediately what is actually happening
– to transform situations that are sometimes elusive, barely perceptible and often disconnected from a monetary concept, into measurable elements.

The symptoms of his need
Who runs the company on site, the Italian property, has the perception that something gets out of control. Even if supported by reports, balances, graphs, numbers sometimes in excess, the manager has the feeling that there is no synthesis, that, in the end, there are too many answers, partial, conditioned, with too many distinctions.
A look at the company abroad and investments, people, complexities of all kinds are visible. One feels the need for something that collects this globality in a synthesis in order to understand and decide accordingly: and all this even if geographically distant.

The course of the intervention
The fundamental aspect of the intervention is the passage analysis – synthesis.
For this reason the first part is dedicated to the analysis. A verification of the activity of the foreign site, of its competitiveness, of the strategy to be pursued, of the performance of the competitors is carried out.
In accordance to the management, Italian or local, the set of results is defined that allows to represent the objective to be achieved. These results are then converted into indicators that represent their achievement. With a skilful dosing of indicators, weights, the required synthesis is achieved. Since the company is a complex body, especially if abroad, the system will not produce an absolute numerical truth, but will provide reliable trend lines, largely sufficient for decision making even at a distance. All this is created with specific IT tools, or using business intelligence tools, where they exist at the foreign company.

The human resources involved
The intervention involves the management, Italian and local, in the part of understanding its needs and its strategies. Human resources at the operational level will be involved in the technical processing of indicators and the inflow of data. The management, as the main recipient of the tool, will be involved again for the final verification of the project and for any calibration of the system. As in any Farnetani Estero Consulting project, the impact on the company’s ordinary activity will be minimized alternating the people involved, limiting its use, and optimizing the interaction with the consultant based on the individual work requirements.

The timing
The intervention can last from ten to fifteen days of work by a consultant, depending on the size and complexity of the company. In any case, the duration of the intervention is agreed on the basis of a specific quote. The days are scheduled according to the operational needs of the foreign company.

The advantages achieved
Entrepreneurs and managers of the foreign branch have at their disposal a dashboard of indicators that provide, individually and as a whole, a useful and immediate confirmation of the company’s performance. Results achieved and problems encountered appear not in general terms, but numerical, allowing a decision-making based on objective findings.

Future developments
The system can be developed and improved in the following phases in many ways. The number of indicators can be increased, optimized and further computerized the flow of data to limit the commitment of human resources.
The definition of a strategy, if it does not exist, can be a development. It can be achieved defining guidelines that the system can monitor to verify compliance with them. Management control can also be involved in a future development, elaborating, if not present, a budget system to be merged into the dashboard.