The activity of Farnetani Estero Consulting is addressed to companies located abroad and controlled by Italian owners.
Having a company abroad often involves management and control difficulties because of the presence of linguistic and cultural barriers, the need for frequent trips and the lack of on-site skills.
Farnetani Estero Consulting covers these needs.
Providing trusted professionals regarding Italian properties, Farnetani Estero Consulting is able to assist the entrepreneur in the management of the foreign company, in the interactions with the parent company, in the training and coaching of personnel as well as in the monitoring of local managers.
The activity may concern subsidiaries or affiliates, branches, or strategic suppliers to whom assistance is intended.
Farnetani Group has been operating in the management consulting sector for over 10 years and its founder and partner, Luca Farnetani, has over thirty-five years of experience in business consulting.
Farnetani Estero Consulting based in Milan has offices in Milan, Florence and Rome and is a division of Farnetani Group Sas.

Farnetani Group S.a.s. di Luca Farnetani & C. Via Vincenzo Monti, 8 Milano 
REA MI 2508409  – CF e PI 01942090513


Making the foreign office a source of incomparable competitive advantage for the company, eliminating any problems deriving from physical and cultural distance.